Kindness by PSC student Bernard B

3 Sep

We all need to learn to be kinder to each other. Kindness is help when someone needs it. For example, smiling at someone you don’t know. It’s seeing the need and filling it, it is unsolicited help.

The kindness of others has propelled me through my life to be a better human being. When I was new at being a longshoreman year ago, my bosses mentored me with patience and tolerance—repeatedly. When I was struggling with addiction, people in AA and NA just took my hand and help without looking for pay back.

We must always remember there’s always someone that can use a helping hand and we can’t be afraid to offer.

Anyone can stick out a helping hand to them, no matter their religion, economic status, color of their skin. It is compassion and kindness. It will make this world a better place. Thank you to all those in my life who helped me become a better man. My job is to do the same. And to all of people in Second Chance, but I hope I’m doing that.

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