Thank You by PSC student Eliu O

1 Nov

When I was a child, I wanted to be a secretary. I wanted to study, but my mother didn’t have money to send me and my sister to school. One day I was walking and I looked in the sky. I saw an airplane and I thought one day I will go in the airplane. When I migrated to America, I really flew in the airplane. It was very nice.

This year, it was my dream to fly to another country. When my daughter finished her high school, she came home and told me about a program in the school. They have a field trip to Europe. In the moment I said nothing. I thought about it for a short time because it is very expensive for me. I decided to go to the meeting about the trip, and later I decided to go to Europe!

I like to think about going to Europe. I dream. This is my opportunity. I said, “Thank you God, for all my blessings in my life, for the life I have, for my family, for the opportunity to fly to another country.” God is good.

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