Unforgettable Days of December by PSC student Hasina A

8 Dec

I had a very exciting and unforgettable couple of weeks. I saw my aunt and my cousin after fourteen years. That’s why I was very excited and very happy. We picked them up from the San Francisco Airport and brought them to our house. They will be here until 30th of December.

We enjoyed doing many things together. We went to a lot of different places. In San Francisco, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge. Another day, we went to Six Flags in Vallejo, and after that we went to the restaurant for dinner. Another day, we went shopping in Livermore. After shopping, we ate dinner in Livermore.

On another day, my sister-in-law and her family invited my aunt and my cousin for dinner at an Indian restaurant. Before we went to the restaurant, my sister-in-law took us to the Monterey beach to watch the beautiful landscape there. Then we went shopping in Monterey. We took a lot of funny pictures and had lots of fun with each other.

In evening, we watched movies or sat with each other and talked about the past times when we were kids. We also talked about when they left Afghanistan and came to America and we were left there. During this time, I cooked delicious food for them.

It was marvelous for Yamin too, because he saw my aunt for the first time (my mom’s older sister). Whenever my aunt talked, Yamin said, “Mom, she talks like my Grandma and her voice is also like her.” I was very happy because I felt like my mom was here.

When my aunt came and saw me, she said, “When you were born, I was in high school and sometimes took care of you. Now you are a mother and have two children.” She is very happy for me.

I tried a lot to make them happy while they were here. We had a very good times. That’s why it’s unforgettable.

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