My Retirement by PSC student Vicky D

17 Jan

For me, it was an easy decision to retire because I was not thinking to retire yet. But the company was not making enough business, so they decided to lay off employees from different departments. I was one of them. About four months or so later, I got a call asking me if I was ready to go back. They wanted me back in the same position with all the same pay and benefits, as if nothing had changed. I was enjoying my freedom. That was when I made the easy decision that it’s better to be retired than go back to the same place again.

Once I retired, it didn’t take me too long to find a lot of things to do to keep myself busy. I didn’t have to get up early. I got a part-time job.

I had free time to go to the Senior Center for exercise classes and to go back to school to improve my English. I got to know new people. I really enjoy all the trips and activities. One of the best trips was to Port Costa. There is small but beautiful church. Also, there is a restaurant. On Sundays, they have live music. If you buy a drink, you get a free lunch of a cup of soup and a slice of pizza. It is a beautiful place to spend a Sunday, walking around the water and smelling the fresh air.

I love to work in the garden, have friends come over, and spend time with my grandchildren.

The bad thing is that I don’t get a pay check from work anymore, but I am happy working and earning money on my own time.

Thank God life has been good to me. I’m still going to Project Second Chance to improve my English. What else can I ask for? Retirement has been wonderful!

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