The Piano and Me by Judy H

10 Jan

My name is Judy. When I was about ten years old, I was very envious of people who could dance and play piano. However, during the Cultural Revolution in China, crazy politics swept across the whole country. For a ten-year-old girl, anytime I had the opportunity to hear music or to dance, I felt that I had to go to watch or listen.

Decades have passed. I have never forgotten my dreams. My son grew up and went to college. My childhood dreams slowly reappeared in my mind. Often I asked myself, “Why don’t you start doing it? What are you waiting for? When you are older, will you regret waiting?” My answer was, “No, I won’t wait.” I had to start the first step, which was learning to play the piano.

Today, I still remember the conversation between the sales lady and me at the musical instrument store after I was warmly welcomed. “Where is the piano player?” she said as she turned and looked down.

 “I will be the player,” I said.

 “For yourself?” she said.

 “Yes,” I answered.

“I have worked here for six years. You are the first one I have seen who is buying a piano which is not for kids!” she said.

I got the piano that day, and soon I found a piano instructor. Normally, I went to work during the day and practiced piano in my leisure time. Unfortunately, my instructor passed away from cancer a couple of years later.  She will always be in my mind.

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