How I Started Hula Dancing by PSC student Judy H

28 Apr

In the year 2014, my family moved to California from the big snow-city of Madison, Wisconsin. One day, I accidentally found out about the hula class at the Hercules Senior Center, and I joined as soon as I could.

To me, hula dancing was totally brand new. I had only learned about it through the media. Over the period of three years, I gradually learned the essence of the dance, through practice and performances. Yes, our group voluntarily performed for some senior centers, senior homes, and festivals.

Hula dancing is unique. It is very different from other dances. The dancers move their hips in time to the musical beat. Hula music is slow, and it easily makes people calm down and feel beautifully peaceful. It looks pretty simple. However, the movements of waist, hips, and knees are not that easy.  It’s especially hard on the knees because the dancers are always bending and moving their legs during the dance.

Usually, a good imagination and positive emotions are needed during hula dancing. The dancer’s hands, bodies and facial expressions tell stories. Most of the movements represent the natural world and human emotions. To me, the best part of the dance is that I’m always picturing beautiful Mother Nature in my mind. What a good moment!

Last Chinese New Year, our hula dance group participated in a celebration party in Richmond. I chose two wonderful, famous Chinese songs for our performances, “The Moon Represents My Heart” and “Jasmine Flower.” It was a pretty successful show. The audience gave us long and loud applause.

Here are the lyrics to “The Moon Represents My Heart”:

You ask me how deeply I love you,

How much I love you.

My heart is true. My love is true.

The moon represents my heart.

Gently a kiss for me,

Has broken into my heart.

Such wonderful days,

Let me think about it forever…

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