The Family Vacation by PSC student Rosa A

4 May

The family vacation was a trip to Yellowstone.

In July, we went to Yellowstone from California. It’s far away and my husband drove for twelve hours for several days. Everybody was happy. They hoped to see a bear cub, Grizzly bear, bison, moose, and elk. I was astonish because I couldn’t believe what we saw.

The huge animals were scary. I never thought that we would see the animals so nearby. One bear walked around the car. It was beautiful. The children and my husband were also very excited. After we saw the animals, we went to a rodeo. The children didn’t like it because they saw how the people were cruel to the animals, and the animals were tied. But when we were at the little town, they forget about the animals. They were interested because the town had a lot of things that you can buy, like shirts, coffee cups, keychains, towels, hats, etc.

We also went to eat bison steak and burgers, and everybody liked it except my son, who ate tacos al pastor, his favorite.

This was a very nice vacation. I wish I could go back again because Yellowstone is a huge and beautiful park and the family was happy.

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