The Unusual COVID Year—2020

24 Oct

by Judy H.

– The extremely disturbing year 2020 has gone, finally.

– The year 2020 unexpectedly made a huge change in people’s lives.

– In the year 2020, tens of thousands of families grievously lost their loved ones.

– In the year 2020, many retail stores and family-owned restaurants sadly closed.

– In the year 2020, the freeways were incredibly, unbelievably empty.

– In the year 2020, my family cancelled all of the trips we had booked and we self-quarantined until April, 2021.

– In the year 2020, people started to recognize Zoom as an alternative to our traditional way of communicating—in person.

– In the year 2020, family members couldn’t hug each other or say “Bye Bye” to grandparents who were dying.

– In the year 2020, doctors and nurses worldwide were risking their lives to rescue patients.

– In the year 2020, I proudly participated in the Chinese-American Association (CAA), which collected donations to support our local Bay Area hospitals, and I also donated a good amount of cash.

– All of the above are more than enough to describe our experience with COVID-19. Boiled down to one sentence: The whole world has been badly hurt. Who made this happen?

Where did the virus come from? The communist regime and CCP chairman Xi Jinping should be held responsible for spreading this disease to the whole world.

– Unfortunately, some people blame Chinese-Americans for Covid-19 because they can’t distinguish between Chinese-Americans and the CCP government.

– The truth may be late, but it will eventually come out.

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