Continuing Tom and Mary’s Idiomatic Story

8 Nov

by Judy H.

Mary and Tom finally got married and a year later, a beautiful little angel arrived and became a family member.

Mary still worked doggedly. Every now and then, she had to travel on the weekends from place to place for meetings, without seeing her little angel. It made her sad and guilty. She kept silent for a while. However, everyone could see the disappointment written all over her face.

One day, at the drop of a hat, Mary put her work off and decided to go home early. She said to herself, “This is once in a blue moon. That’s okay. I really miss my daughter and I’m going home now.”

Tom got an unexpected call from Mary, telling him that she was on the way home. He felt so happy; there was a lump in his throat. At 6:00 p.m., Tom came home. He saw that the baby was playing happily and that Mary was cooking in the kitchen. Mary welcomed him home and said, “My cooking today falls short of your cooking. I’m sorry, and I’ll do a better job next time.”

Tom joyfully said, “Mary, I’m so touched by your spending quality time with our angel. You are working so hard to support our family, I don’t care about how you cook. I’d just like to enjoy this family moment.”

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