Pumpkin Sesame Balls

29 Dec

by Helen G.

Today, I want to make a dessert that my kids like. It is very delicious and simple.


(1) Pumpkin (200g)

(2) Sugar (60g)

(3) Rice Powder (280g)

(4) Sesame

(5) Vegetable oil


1. Peel the pumpkin, slice into thin pieces, put them in the pot and steam for about 10-15 mins.

2. Add 60g sugar to the pumpkin, mash it into paste.

3. Add 280g rice powder, stir until it is mix well, and knead it into a smooth dough.

4. Roll it into logs, and cut into pieces. Roll it into balls. Dip each ball in clean water, coat with sesame.

5. Heat the oil until it comes up to 500-600 degrees, put it in the ball. When it floats, becomes bigger, until golden brown, then take them out.

This recipe is good even for someone who is new to cooking.

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