Lovely Memories (by student reader Alicia F)

3 Jan

Lovely Memories

by Alicia F.

My name is Alicia and I’m the smallest of eight siblings. I grew up on a farm in Mexico. I have very nice memories about my brothers. We were poor but we enjoyed playing together. We invented toys with rocks and bottles at times together. I remembered when we played with the tires we thought were cars. A cops and driver game was fun, because my fourth brother always was very funny. He always wanted to be a police officer. One of the things I remembered was when we played with a swing and my brother told all of us to get on the swing. “That’s fine,” said my brother. We all went up on it and he swung us. The branch broke off the tree and fell down and the branch fell on us. One of the days we had free for play was Monday, because my mom usually went to get lunch for all week at a flea market. The farm didn’t have electricity or transportation. The only way we could travel one place to another was walking or taking the only bus. It used to pass once a week on Mondays just to pick up and drop off all the women.

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