My Best Educational Experience (by student reader Joy L)

1 Jan

My Best Educational Experience

by Joy L.

I studied and read a lot of books in my life. I studied to go to college, to pass the exam for a job, to fulfil intellectual curiosity and find my true self.

Usually I studied by myself and sometimes studied with friends to help them. I also got help from others. Two of the most important people who helped me, however, were first my father in my earliest days and now my tutor, Victoria.

When I was three or four years old, my father taught me how to read and write, and do math. My father and I really liked that time. After studying, he gave me some candy as a reward. However he did not teach me any more after I began to go to elementary school. Instead, he always bought me books and I was so interested in reading books that I often forgot to have a meal.

After I came to California last year, every single day was a challenge. The social system and culture were so different and to make it worse, I could not communicate in English. I had a tough time with everyday problems.

Fortunately, I learned about PSC and opportunity knocked. After a short wait, I got to meet my tutor, Victoria.

Victoria helped me out with some everyday problems. For instance, she let me explain my car problem, and we wrote down possible solutions like a play script. After that, we practiced role playing as if I were talking to the mechanic.

Another helpful activity was journal writing. She recognized my frequent mistakes in English usage, corrected them and gave me the necessary grammar lessons. We read some essays and books and it was a completely new experience. Previously I had always studied English through reading, not orally—never with spoken words.

Talking and writing in English is still hard for me. However I know my English has improved little by little and will continue to get better.

The time of studying English with Victoria was like as an escape from anxiety, confusion, and chaos. It was really a second chance. I really appreciate it. It is time to have new experiences. I want to thank with all my heart, Victoria and PSC.

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