Jane Eyre Book Review by Jinyoung O.

7 Oct

Jane Eyre Book Review

by Jinyoung O.

Jane Eyre is a story about becoming a mature woman. After her parents passed away, she was sent to her aunt’s house. Her aunt and cousins were not friendly. After a quarrel, Jane was sent to Lowood School.

After 8 years, she become a governess at Thornfield. She met Mr. Rochester, the owner of Thornfield, and they fell in love. They wanted to get married. At the wedding, a lawyer revealed Mr. Rochester is already married. Mrs. Rochester was secretly living in the house because she was insane. Jane ran away.

Jane arrived in a town where she found new friends. She was happy, but always missed Mr. Rochester. One day, she heard his voice in her dream. He was crying her name. She answered that she would return. When she arrived at Thornfield, she saw it had been badly burned. An innkeeper said Mrs. Rochester set fire to the house and she died. Mr. Rochester was staying in a farmhouse. He was injured. Jane went to the farmhouse right away. Mr. Rochester was blind and poor. But Jane was happy. Finally, they got married.

What I liked about her story, was the good people around her. It must be hard to live without parents. She couldn’t get love from them, but she grew up well. She had a good friend and a teacher at the Lowood School. The school was cold, the food was not good, and it was not healthy. But Miss Temple, her teacher, and Helen, her friend, were there to build friendships. The love from them made her strong. Whenever she was in a bad condition, she was not discouraged, and stayed a good person.

Also, I liked Jane’s character. She didn’t blame others whenever she faced hard time. When Miss Blanche Ingram, who wanted to marry Mr. Rochester, looked down Jane, she didn’t show her anger. Considering the people around her, she talked to Mr. Rochester she would leave when they married. Also, when she realized Mr. Rochester was married before, she left Thornfield. She didn’t argue with him, but she wanted to start new life. When she met strangers in a new town, she kept her dignity. I believe her sincere character made changes people around
her, too.

Overall, Jane Eyre became one of my favorite stories. Jane inspired me with generosity and nobility. I believe she is a good imaginary sister for all.

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