Christmas Shopping by Oscar M.

1 Dec

Christmas Shopping

by Oscar M.

Hello, how are you? I’m going to start off by ranting and I’m going to enjoy it and I hope you do too.

So Christmas to me was all about spending time with as much family as possible, choking down greasy breakfasts and exchanging gifts, then going outside and hanging out with the rest of the kids and their toys.

Apparently things have changed and no one told me! Okay, okay, I know most of the human population is nothing more than over-bloated, brainless sheep-like creatures that drool over the first sale of any kind. But really, have we become so dark and pathetic that we would literally stampede over anyone to get that 50% or 80% off. Of course, come one come all to the “I don’t care about any of you people.” It’s all about me and my wallet, the cheaper, the bigger, the louder, the stupider, the better!

There was this Christmas party I went to, where the only thing you had to bring was yourself. I think we need to bring that back.

Anyway, I feel better. I hope you enjoyed this brief moment. Happy Holidays!

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