My Family by Emilia I.

As a child, I lived in the countryside. Everyone was happy and loved me. I grew up in the field where my mother worked. I crossed the field as I did in my childhood. The other children had families, I had grandparents and a mom. My father had died. I didn’t know what a family was. Maybe that’s why I lost mine. I grew up free as a very good child and person.

I got married. My husband was my magnet, honest, handsome, well-meaning. He grew up just like I did in the tension and stress of moving his family.

We created two children, happiness and joy in our days shone, a short rise with a long fall. He went young to the afterlife.

I was left alone with two children and parents. Grief suffocated the mind, my kindness settled, I felt fear, anger, disappointment, tension.

I wandered, I fell, I got up, I fell into despair again. I passed this tension on to my children and my mother. They worked hard. Together we built sustainable characters. Life hardens us. We are ready to return the old happy days into our new ones now. We are strong together. I can feel how everything turns into warmth in our relationship, meekness in behavior. Wishes become reality, thanks to the time and place we are.

There is always a second chance. Ours is here and now. Together we will build our dream life.