A Letter from Roger to Mrs. Jones: Blue Suede Shoes

by Eunjoo K.

June 19, 1950

Harlem, New York

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Do you still remember me? It’s me, Roger. Thank you for your advice. I realized something. I felt as if I was loved by someone. I’ve never been loved before like that night. You did not ask my background. Actually, my mother passed away two years ago. So I live with my father and an older brother. But they don’t take care of me and are not interested in what I do.

After that night, I have another life. My lifestyle has changed a lot. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and at night. And I do let the water run until it gets warm, as you said. I go to school every day. I do my homework and try to do my best. I do not snatch anything from other people and I do not go around at night.

I just wonder why you did not call the police that night. You are very kind and generous. You saved my life. Thank you for your kindness. I cannot forget your words, “Behave yourself.”



P.S. I bought my blue suede shoes. I love them. I appreciate you.