In Our Words: Student Writings

7 Apr

As you are about to discover, Project Second Chance learners have wonderful stories. We are grateful that they have chosen to share some of them here. In Our Words is an inspiring collection of thoughts about goals, family, culture, experiences, and beliefs. The stories are as diverse as our learners are. We are proud of the quality of thought and the range of ideas in this book and are pleased to be able to provide an outlet for Project Second Chance learners’ extraordinary voices.

What these stories have in common is the joy of using the written word to share a part of themselves here, sometimes for the first time. They represent hard work and excitement about the writing process. Some of these stories were dictated to tutors, some were edited with the help of tutors, and some were written independently.

Oh, Thank Heaven for Second Chances
by Akisha A.

There was a point in my life, when I didn’t have any confidence it took to reach my dreams.

I had goals and dreams, but no faith in my ability.

Project Second Chance gave me an extra push, in the direction I needed to go.

I then was assigned a tutor, Marc H., of whom I say is an Angel.

Like he and I were a match made in Education Heaven.
The heavens sent him down to help me get my wings since I didn’t have the confidence to obtain them myself.

He was well-equipped to instruct, and teach, and has prepared me with the tools and techniques to reach my goals.

He was very gentle spoken and patient with me in times that I wasn’t patient with myself.
He seen the potential in me that I couldn’t see.

He encouraged me until I developed my own wings.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone else to believe in you!!!

I’m now at the top of my nursing class, scoring 90%-100% on exams.

Because he pushed me, I now have developed the confidence in my own ability to learn and have gained wings,
And have been taking on tasks and goals with a full momentum and reaching and going places that was once only possible in my dream.

Thank to this Program and Marc, I can count myself in where others have counted me out!

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