Approach to Parenting and Discipline

23 Jan

Approach to Parenting and Discipline

by T.M. (student reader)

As parents, we try hard to discipline children so they can be ready for the world and be safe. Sometimes we don’t realize what the child is feeling, know if we are ready ourselves, and capable of leaving our personal preferences aside to do what is best. Of course personal preferences matter, but being aware of our limitations is important because we all have much to learn about school, jobs, daily life, and religion.

We should not get carried away and forget that children need to develop their own identities as well. Parents need to do lot of listening so that children will feel that they are being heard. Parents should learn about how to deal with behavior problems and methods of disciplining children. There isn’t one correct way of managing behavior and there are many ways to help a child. Much depends on the child’s personality and the relationship between the parents and the child. While negative discipline might work, a healthier approach is based on positive discipline methods and a good family relationship.

Working with children, I see all kinds of family discipline approaches. Also, different cultures have different methods. I have observed that being firm but loving is much more productive. This means as parent you are very serious about what your expectations are. However, discipline does not involve yelling, screaming, or hitting. Discipline is presented in a loving manner. Redirecting children to positive activities when they are in negative moods and taking time to explain is essential. The situation will make sense to them and over time children will show understanding of the desired behaviors.

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