Autumn by Oscar M.

21 Oct


by Oscar M.

Hey, my name is Jet.

I don’t think there was ever a time I didn’t love autumn. From the time the streets are beautifully dressed with Mother Nature’s design, gold, silver and red stars littered the streets in the middle and on the sides of the pavement, to the sweet kiss of Father Winter reminding us all that he is in the room. He takes a deep breath and blows under Mother’s dress, the stars twirl and bow and dancing in to the sun, shimmering its beautiful design, falling through the trees. If you squint your eyes, you swear you were in a disco, the bell itself designed with red, silver and gold stars. Hey, the cider is good too. It’s not just for winter, you know. It’s wonderful around a campfire, sitting with friends, laughing at old silly stories, and scary ones. From Autumns past, it is hot and sweet and you can wrap it around you like an old blanket, hoping to cut out the chill and pain that seems to come so much faster when it’s cold.

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