Cotahuasi: the Deepest Canyon of the World by Rocio C.

17 Oct

Cotahuasi: the Deepest Canyon of the World

by Rocio C.

Cotahuasi is a small village located in the valley of Arequipa. It is a beautiful place that holds the deepest canyon of the world surrounded by mountains, many different types of vegetation, and animals.

I feel very fortunate to know that I grew
up there.

Driving from Arequipa to Cotahuasi takes 8 hours, and the trip is very interesting because you can enjoy views of the coast and alps, and it is typical that in the bus you listen to the Alps music (huaynos).

When you arrive in Cotahuasi, you can see the beautiful nature and there is an arch welcoming you to the city. Families offer comfortable but rustic hotels, and you can enjoy the typical food from there.

I went to the Cotahuasi Canyon several times, and I never feel it is enough because you can see and feel that you are part of nature.

It is indescribable the feeling that you have there. You feel the strongest sound of the falls flying with the winds and the springing water in your face. That moment you feel part of the marvel of nature. Coming back from the Canyon, we can visit the natural hot springs that many people describe as a medicinal hot water. It is a tradition to eat a fried river trout before leaving the place.

There are many other small villages close to Cotahuasi that you can visit like Pampamarca, which offers you the best handmade rugs. Toro is the place that offers you delicious handmade cheese.

In Charcana, you can enjoy the artisanal wine. In Huarhua, you can pick many varieties of avocados, white and black figs, and many other fruits and vegetables. Puica has the forest of stones. The eleven villages in the Cotahuasi area are surrounded by hills, and have a great variety of vegetation.

The days that you will stay in Cotahuasi will not be enough to enjoy all the amenities that they offer to you.

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