Good Memories by Vicky D.

11 Oct

Good Memories

by Vicky D.

Sometimes I think about the days of my grandparents. When I think about them without the modern conveniences that we have today, I wonder how they managed.

There was no electricity. Candles and gas-filled lanterns were used. They did have batteries to use with flashlights and a radio. There was no running water. Buckets were filled with water from the well. There was no refrigeration. Every day, they picked and cut fresh fruits and vegetables that were grown on their property.

My grandfather and his sons and friends liked to hunt for meat like geese, armadillos, deer, rabbits, and other wild animals for food. They also raised chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows. The meat was hung above a fire to smoke and dry so that it would be preserved.

My grandparents walked to go to town or used a pony to carry whatever they bought in the market. They didn’t have a car. They had two horses to pull the wagon when anyone needed to go to get logs to burn, or when they went hunting.

My grandma always made chicken tamales on Saturdays for dinner. On Sundays, she made chicken soup with vegetables and homemade corn tortillas. On special occasions, my grandparents barbecued turkey, and we also had fresh picked red beans and fried plantains with honey. My grandfather sometimes cut sugar cane. He would peel slices and give them to us. We liked them because they were very sweet and that was our candy! If one of the family got ill, like a bad cold, with fever and muscle pain, they didn’t go to see a doctor. My grandparents knew what kind of herbs to use. If the situation was serious, one of the family would ride a horse to go to town to get the doctor or to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

My grandfather played the harmonica and guitar for entertainment. He made his
own flute using bamboo that grew wild in
the area.

I am sure my grandparents had a happy life. They worked hard doing their daily chores, made a worry free life for themselves, and enjoyed good health. They shared their
good fortune with neighbors, relatives,
and family and had long friendships that
lasted several generations. Life was good. Life was uncomplicated.

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