My Parents by Kyungok K.

13 Oct

My Parents

by Kyungok K.

I tried to recall my childhood. Our family lived together in a newly built two-story house and old Korean style house. Now I think my mom has done too many things every day because of a large family. My mom also went to the store to help my father’s business every day. Grandma and Grandpa were so poor that our father and mother, instead of their parents, raised six younger siblings and married them off. My father and mother told me that they started selling rice in Seoul from the suburbs and they saved money and became the owner of a store at the biggest market in Seoul. They worked very hard to teach and feed their children. My parents grew up poor in their childhood and could not go to school, so they felt it was necessary to teach their children. My father thought that women should study at university. My dad and mom were very progressive people. My parents were very proud to have all six of their children educated in college. I think I lived a happy life with good parents.

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