My Teenage Experience by Tenzin P.

7 Jan

My Teenage Experience

by Tenzin P.

In January 1990, for two weeks we went to India for Kalachakra teachings with nuns. The Kalachakra teachings last two weeks and about 25,000 people come from all over the world. Then two weeks after, we returned to Kathmandu. A few weeks after, I had my period for one month and got seriously sick. That time my body was so weak, then after I continue getting even more sick. My one teacher is a monk. He is nice to me and a compassionate man. In 1991 or 1992, that year too many people came from Tibet! Nepalese police looked for those who came from Tibet. Then my friend and some nuns were hiding Tibetans in the basement. Police came to my nunnery every day, looking for all the people who came from Tibet.

I’m so scared because I came from Tibet, too. Tibetans who came from Tibet were not safe in Nepal because they will find you and send you back to Tibet. But if we get caught they will send us back and put us in jail. My nunnery neighbors who were guys, came and destroy our tank of water for the nuns. They abused us and chased us. Guys destroyed the gates by throwing rocks at it.

One good thing is the Nepali king was a very nice king because he was peaceful and a good king. In 1995, my few friends and I went to India Dharamsala for the Dalai Lama’s teachings. That time we meet with Hollywood actor Richard Gere. He says, “Come here, we can take pictures together.” Then we took pictures and after they came out in a newspaper.

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