Trip to Half Moon Bay by Rosa A.

21 Jan

Trip to Half Moon Bay

by Rosa A.

I went to Half Moon Bay with my 3 children. We saw elephant seals. We walked on the beach and we looked at the one who died and the seagulls were eating it. My children were sad. Then they saw one baby elephant seal and then their feelings changed. They were happy. It was a nice Friday because we never saw elephant seal nearby before.

While we were at Half Moon Bay, my husband was driving to San Francisco because the children wanted to eat noodles. He drove for almost an hour and a half because he wrote the wrong address in the GPS. The children, they were starving, angry, and it was cold, and it was late and everybody was tired. But the children didn’t want to eat a different kind of food.

My husband realized that he made a mistake with the address. Then he wrote the correct address and started to drive again. After 25 minutes, finally he arrive and we enjoyed

The children, my husband and I were happy. It was a nice adventure.

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