A Letter for My Daughter by PSC student Julia H

24 Sep

Dear Melody,

This year is my happiest year. You are the first child who will graduate from a four-year college in our family. I know you are very smart, talented, and kind. You are the sweetest, most thoughtful and understanding girl. I am lucky have you as my daughter. We are so proud of you. I wasn’t a perfect mom. Dad has a different way to teach and love you. We might have a Chinese traditional way to teach and love you, but we both love you very much. I know you had your own target. You already know what makes you happy and you pursue it. Chase your dream. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Follow the path of your choice in the future and remember that we’ll continue to trust you and support you. I am very excited to go to your graduation. I am so happy for you. I love you forever.

Love you,


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