How to Be Happy by PSC student Ju C

6 Sep

I finished Endeavor: Book 5 last week. I have learned about many things in this book. I have never thought about these topics in my life. So I am glad to learn about life stories. I am interested in the topic “how to be happy.”

I came to the USA five years ago. I was not happy living in America because I suddenly changed my life. I still wanted to keep my old way of life. I hated driving every day. I did not like learning a lot of American customs. I missed my family and friends. I have a husband here, and we have decided to live in America. Although I tried to stop my negative feelings, I did not know how to feel better. I complained about everything. No one cared about my complaints for a long time. When I started repeating them, many people did not want to be around me.

One day I realized my behavior, but I did not know how to stop it. Nevertheless, my husband listened to my complaints for three hours every day and hugged me. He was a patient person for me. I stopped this behavior, and I walked outside with him. I saw pretty flowers in warm weather in California. I had been missing the good weather because I was inside every day. Eventually I decided to change my life. And now I often go out myself, and I meet people in many classes. Also, I started learning a lot of arts.

I now know “how to be happy.” If you want, you have to change your view of the world. The world never changes for you. If you have a different perspective, perhaps more positive thoughts will make your life better. So your mind is very important. I believe that you can find your happiness. You can catch the bluebird of happiness.

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