My Proud Moment by PSC student Mirae P

27 Sep

It was Christmas season and I was in 5th grade. I had three friends that used to play a role game. One day we became detectives, and another day we became aliens and astronauts. We enjoyed playing make believe. But we were pretty serious about our play. And I think we were all creative.

One day, one of us came up with an idea that we should do a good deed. We started talking about what kind of things we could do together. We decided to donate some money to a nursing home where they needed our help. We were all excited about our plan. We had several meetings after school. We had to decide many things, like where we wanted to donate and how we could make money. Eventually, we decided to do caroling.

On Saturday, we stood in front of the subway station and sang Christmas carols for about eight hours. We were nervous about singing in front of strangers and whether or not the people would donate. Then people started to put money into the donation box. So we were all excited and we were walking on air.

We were just kids singing carols on the street, and the people supported us and donated the money! That meant a lot to us.

After we sang carols, we checked the money box and counted the money. It was about a hundred dollars! The next day, we bought some fruits for the residents and went to the nursing home we wanted to help. We donated all of the money we had from our caroling.

The nun in the nursing home suggested that the residents would be happy if we said hello to each of them. We got carried away. We sang carols and danced for them. One of the elder ladies burst into tears suddenly. She might have been so lonely and missed people. She said to us, “Thank you so much for coming to see us.” I had a lump in my throat. I heard that some of the residents didn’t have family and some people were abandoned by their family.

After I got back home that night, I was so proud of myself and felt so good that I could make the people smile.

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