Planning a Mexican Wedding in an English-Speaking World by PSC student Corina L

21 Sep

For two years, I and my fiancé talked about our wedding day. Every person has a dream about how they want their wedding day. However, although both are happy, it is difficult to make decisions together having different ideas. And we were not the exception. For example, where did we want to have it, what kind of food and music, and how many guests? All those details took time for us. Probably the reason why it was difficult was because we were needing a place to have the ceremony and a reception hall for the party afterward. Applications for rental places are always in English, so it was not easy for me, who is still learning English, to understand about prices, rent time and rules of the place.

Finally, we chose December 15th to be our wedding day. Because I love to run around the Lafayette Reservoir, I wanted to do our ceremony in this amazing place. My fiancé agreed. So, I started with the reservation for the stage at Lafayette Reservoir. It was not easy. The day I went there to make the reservation, a lady told me that I need to do this online. When I tried to do this at home, it was confusing for me to choose the stage place and how pay for parking permits. So, I went back at the Lafayette Reservoir office. Fortunately, I received help from Jim, a park ranger there. He helped me make the reservation online and I paid for parking permits for my guests. I am thankful for his help. The next step was to reserve the Community Room at the Lafayette Library. This reservation was easier because it was a paper application. I did both reservations on the same week. It was exciting because I was able to make everything speaking English.

I am grateful to God for all this experience. It was amazing to make reservations at places where people speak only English and read information such as rental contracts in English, too. I think learning English is a process, like how people learn to walk—step-by-step. Programs such as Project Second Chance offer supports during this process. From last year, I have a tutor from PSC and am feeling more self-confident to speak English with others. Because I am feeling more confident speaking English, I completed everything I needed to make my big day came true.      

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