Skip and Jimmy by PSC student Ike E

12 Oct

Jimmy’s dad and mom wanted to go fishing

So they all got in the car with Skip, their dog

And headed for the San Joaquin River

Jimmy was seven years old

They got into a boat

About three hours later

Mom was in the stern with her line in the water

She was sound asleep

Dad was in the bow with his line in the water

He was asleep…too

In the middle of the boat was Jimmy and Skip

Jimmy saw three kids playing on the river bank

And he wanted to play with them

Skip was getting jumpy and started to jump around

All of a sudden Skip jumped out of the boat and went for a swim

Jimmy got him back in the boat and Skip shook

And sprayed Mom and Dad with cold water

And woke them up

Dad looked at me and Skip and said

I guess it’s about time we go back

And Skip and I got to play with the kids on the bank!

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