The Oly by PSC student Ike E

8 Nov

When I was a laborer in 1962 I was working in Livermore, California

It was 110 degrees in the shade and no shade

We had just finished the first section of the housing tract

I had a Jeep with a trailer to pick up 20–30 feet of foundation forms

And haul them to the next site

I pulled up next to a house already built

I was there for a while I had a load on the trailer

A man came out of the house

He saw me standing with the sweat flowing down my face

He invited me in his kitchen

He gave me an Olympia beer right out of the freezer

I tilted the little bottle all the way up, it drained in two seconds

He gave me another Oly

I drove off with the biggest smile on my face

And the Oly between my legs

I was the happiest laborer at work that day

By the way . . . I don’t drink

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