To Know My Ancestry by PSC student Veronica G

30 Nov

A few months ago, I became very interested to know where my family came from. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Marilyn at Project Second Chance. A few months ago, she told me that she searched for her parents’ family history. So, I became more interested to know where my last name came from. She gave me the address where I can get help about how to start. So, one day I went to the place called the Family History Center at the Mormon Church in Concord with not much information. I barely just started the project. From there I went to my parents to ask for the information I needed. My mother and I went through some documents until we found the birthdays of my grandparents. So, now I have information. I will go back to the church and see what they find. Also, my parents are planning to go to Mexico, so I asked my mother if she can get the birth certificates of my grandparents so I will be able to find the birthdays for my great grandfathers. In addition, I’m planning to do I’m so excited to know more about where my family came from.

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