The Most Memorable Moment in My Life by PSC student Mirae P

1 Dec

A life is challenging. Sometimes it make us frustrated. When I have fears or I feel like I am not on the right track in my life, I look back on an event in my childhood. That one day, my heart was full and I regarded myself as a good person.

I think those moments in my childhood have built my spiritual strength and filled my heart. And I am so proud of the fact, we children did this all by ourselves—had an idea, made a plan, carried it out, and were able to help out to residents of the nursing home.

Now I am 40 years old. I told my 10-year old son this story about my childhood and he looked at me with respect. Sometimes parents want to teach a lesson to their children or have them learn it in school. But it could be more significant to children when they hear their parent’s real story. And at the same time, sharing my story with my child gives me a chance to look at myself and also helps me to get my confidence back.

I would like my son to experience something memorable in his childhood as well. So he could be reminded of it when he grows up. I am sure he would get positive energy from his memorable moments and move forward in healthy way.

Thinking back on this story, it reminds me I should build up our family’s memorable moments.

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