Trip to New York City by PSC student Lucia L

15 Dec

Our family took a flight from San Francisco to New York City during mid-December. We stayed in a nice hotel in Times Square. That night, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant. The next day, we went walking on Broadway Street and 6th Ave. When we crossed the street it was crazy.  Nobody stopped for the cars. There was so much traffic! The police car was close, but the officer was just relaxed and enjoying his life! It was just a regular day for him. We took some pictures with many people in Disney costumes.

The second day, we went to the top of the Empire State Building. There was a magnificent view of New York City and the Hudson River. After that, we went to the art museum. We saw a lot of statues and paintings by famous painters. It was so good time. We went to the spy museum.  There was a laser room that was a game. You had to press the right buttons to turn off the lasers and get through. We only had 30 seconds. I did very well the second time. So fun!

Then we bought tickets to see two Broadway shows. It was awesome. Even though there was a mix-up with our tickets, someone else had the same seats. Everything was okay. King Kong was very modern because the gorilla was huge and mechanical. It took many actors to move the gorilla. It looked very real. The action was very dramatic and many people cried at the end. The next show we saw was Aladdin. This one was a love story. The singing was excellent.

The last day, we went to the Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and go shopping. And finally we flew home. I loved our trip to New York City. It was so much fun!

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