I am a Clown: Happy, Honest, Generous by Flavio D

3 Jan

A clown is happy. A clown is generous.

When people ask me, “What do you do?” I answer, “I’m a clown to be honest. To be honest, I’m a clown” because a clown is true in every moment. Even when he exaggerates, he just exaggerates the truth. Everybody smiles when a clown falls down or when he makes a mistake and I explain that this demonstrates that everybody makes mistakes and this is normal. It’s okay. It’s not a problem.

The clown brings lightness to life.

There are several clown types, for example Laurel & Hardy, Chaplin, Bozo, Chaves, Three Stooges. A clown works in the circus, theater, street, birthday party, hospital, and also for private companies. This last place is curious because a good way for everybody to fix information in their brains is through humor.

When clowns work, they work with the soul of 6-years old child, and every adults one day was a child.

To be a clown, you should have empathy, charisma, sincerity.

Everybody says “clown” when want to express something negative, thinking clown is inferior, but clown is much more than red nose.

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