Lisa’s Life by PSC student Lisa J

11 Feb

How was I going to get down off that shelf with God’s help?

Take life one day at a time.

Sometime the world seems so cold.

I feel afraid in everything I do.

I believe in God who help me in life.

I am one special person.

I have lots of confidence to read.

I have a Sober Birthday come up Feb 17 this year.

I like movies and music and flowers.

I was over fifty I chose to go back to school and learn to read.

Love your friends, love your family.

Love yours, love your life.

And that walks hand in hand with you through your life.

To take each day as it comes.

But keep trying, do not give up hope.

It is okay to feel anxious when things aren’t working our way.

It’s okay to think and worry and cry.

I am sad today. I want to cry today.

I fix dinner for my family.

When it rain, I am sad.

I am happy in the sun time.

My apartment is nice.

We are going to help Mary Anie, wife pastor at conference March 25-26-27.

I had fun at the Valentine party.

We made Valentine cards.

I read the devotion daily in the morning.

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