My Long Hair by PSC student Judy H

4 Feb

My name is Judy. I have very long hair and some of it’s naturally curly. My long hair has been with me for almost my entire life, so it has become my identity. I have a strong feeling that my hair is integrated into my body. To me, it’s just like my arm or my hands. That’s why when I thought about cutting if off many times in past decades, I never really did it. Who would hurt herself?

Here are some true stories about my hair. Often people ask me questions about my hair. I have been asked all sorts of questions, such as:

– Is it really your own hair? Not fake hair?

– Have you ever cut it off before?

– How many years has it taken to grow that long?

– Is it part of your religion to not cut your hair?
– Do you wash it every day?

– How long does it take to wash it? Two hours?

– Can I touch your hair?

– Why don’t you cut your hair and donate it to cancer patients?

– How do you braid it to the end? Can you show me?

– How hard is it to wash?

Usually, I joke around when I am asked the first question. I say, “This is my fake hair. If you touch it, it will fall out.” However, I was touched by the question about cancer patients. What a good thought by a good-hearted girl. I promised her that I would donate my hair for cancer patients someday, and I will, for sure.

Another one of my experiences was something unimaginable that happened. One day, when I was vacuuming at home, I found a quarter hiding in the rug. I bent down to pick it up without turning off the vacuum cleaner. At the same time, my braid fell over near the machine. Of course, the powerful cleaner quickly sucked my hair into it. I almost fell down. All I remember now is that I pressed the off button immediately and smelled the stink of burnt hair. My hair was about two inches shorter from that day on.

I have loved my hair from Day One and still do. It has been the focus of conversation and attention and of many adventures. They are all good memories.

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