Taking a Bus by PSC student Nargiza A

25 Feb

I used to take a bus to the library. Drivers don’t allow mothers to put a stroller with a child on the bus. They told me they are “doing their job.” I had diapers, extra clothes for my child, books, and groceries. I had to take out everything from the stroller, fold it, hold my child and everything at the same time.

1. It’s unsafe for mothers and a baby taking the bus this way.

2. It’s uncomfortable to get on the bus and get off from the bus.

3. It’s dangerous to put the stroller under the seat because it’s hard to hold the stroller.

I don’t have three hands!

Some strollers are heavy and big with a car seat. You can’t fold it together. I can’t leave my child on the sidewalk. You have to get on with a child or with a stroller. It’s uncomfortable and unsafe.

How about mothers who get on the bus with 2-3 kids? How about people who don’t drive a car? How do they get somewhere they want to go with children?

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