My Vacation by PSC student Rosa A

25 May

My vacation was to travel to Hawaii in April. I went to Hawaii from California.

I was scared because I never been traveling for more than two hours by plane. But at the same time, I was excited because I was going to the island of Honolulu.

When I arrived at the airport, I was surprised by the weather. It’s totally different from California and the time difference was three hours. When I went to the beach, I couldn’t believe how pretty the water looked. I took a tour around the island; it was big. I went to the temple of the Buddha and I went snorkeling. Also I went to Pearl Harbor. After Pearl Harbor, hiking a little mountain.

I liked everything except the food; for me is too salty. I wish I had more time because I was only four days. I went to Polynesian Park. I liked all performances. I hope to come back again because Hawaii, it’s beautiful island.

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