Challenge: Six-Word Story on COVID-19

3 Jan

A journey with twists and turns.

by Brenda I.

Shopping like astronauts at the supermarket.

by Chiwon S.

I’m overwhelmed and need a break.

by Onesha E.

I watered the plants this week.

by Flavio D.



quiet time for herself

by Teresa

One day, one book, one writing!

by Eunjoo K.

Is this a blessing in disguise?

by Brenda I.

I taught and I was happy.

by Flavio D.


How long





by Ahmad A.

Gone the graduation ceremony with COVID-19.

by Chiwon S.


more time with God

good technology

by Teresa

Very hot Tuesday, I drank water.

by Flavio D.

Cooking and taking care of my sons.

by Yulia K.

I am so into the books.

by Eunjoo K.

We played, we learned, had fun.

by Flavio D.

We are all in this together.

by Brenda I.

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