Pandemic by Flavio D.

24 Jan

My name is Flavio, also Frangolino Clown. I am from Brazil. I’m a clown, actor, and teacher of physical education. I’ve done shows in many places in Brazil and in other countries. I have been living in California for three years with my beautiful family (wife, son, and daughter).

I have been working as a professional artist for 18 years, and during this period, I developed several circus skills, such as juggling, unicycle, mime, stilts, and balance of objects.

During shelter-in-place, I am taking the opportunity to stay with my family, playing with my son, arranging and creating new acts for my performances, giving circus classes via Zoom, shows and interviews via Live on Facebook and Instagram, and taking the opportunity to connect with my friends around the world. Also, I am reading plays with other actors and actresses. I am praying more and I am spending more time with God and my family, too.

The pandemic has changed my routine a lot. It prevents me from contacting the audience, preventing me from working.

This has also impacted me positively and made me think differently about the ways I could spread my work to other people, which I had not thought about before. Such as making videos, writing my book, and rewriting my Gira Circo Project (traveling by bicycle, taking the circus to many cities, as I did a few years ago in Brazil and I would like to do here in America).

When all this is over, I believe that some concepts of space will be changed. And many will adopt these meetings by computer and have more time with the family. New businesses will be created.

Everything will work out. After the storm there is always calm. “We will persevere.”

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