My Family‘s Long Travel by Selina G.

21 Feb

Eleven years ago, my family decided to immigrate to the United States. It was a big decision for all of us. We felt excited about living in a new country. But we were still scared about the challenges we would face such as the No. 1 problem, language.

I remember the first time I came to the USA. I took a 14-hour flight here. I never flew so long by plane; my feet were puffed up. My only feeling was dizzy when I arrived because the traffic was too fast for me. And I didn’t know what the people said, even though I’ve learned English before. It’s not like my textbook at all.

The next few months, I finally got my ID and driver’s license. I still remember my embarrassment when I spoke to the staff members with my poor English and excellent body language. I had some trouble in my life. It’s hard for me ordering food from the menu without a picture. I left home with my ID, money, and phone all the time because these ensure my safety. 

During the next few years, I learned how to pay my bills and wrote checks in English. I followed the GPS to any new places and got gas for myself (the staff helps in other countries). I get to use the schedule to throw out the garbage. I’ve learned how to register or make an appointment with teachers, doctors, and staff. I am so proud of myself, even though I still have some problems with my English. But I can survive here. After eleven years, my family is settled down in America now. My family and I love it here. This country is like our home. This year is difficult for everyone and politics has changed. I hope we will be fine, and each family will be fine. Hope, peace, health, and happiness to every human being. God blessed America. 

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