My Journey by Eunjoo K.

7 Feb

My slogan is “Read 10,000 books and walk 4,000 km.”

It is a Chinese proverb.

I really wonder how I live well. I always question how I live. After giving birth to my kids, I’ve been thinking about it. 

I want to coach my kids in their lives. And I want to show how I have a happy life to them. I want to be a life model for them. 

So, I realize that there is a road in books. And I’ve traveled around the world. I could think what is a life. When I leave my house, I could think who I am, where I am in my life, and not think about routine life.

I think that both reading and traveling are really important. After COVID-19, I should be a shelter-in-home mother for several months.

I have a lot of time. I can focus on my inner mind. I enjoy reading when I have time. I have read 100 Korean books from start to finish.

One of my bucket lists is to read English books not translated into Korean.

My dream will come true.

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