Trip to Lake Tahoe! by Diana S.

14 Feb

I would like to tell you about my vacation in Lake Tahoe. It is beautiful and there are a lot of different things to do. This was a great vacation and I’m glad we did it even with all our thoughts about COVID-19.

We stayed at my friends’ house in Carnelian, close to Kings Beach. This house had a deck all around so we could enjoy the sunshine at any part of the day. Next to the house there was a cottage, and it had a room called “The Cub House.” This room was the favorite room for my kids because it was big, had a tv, pool table, and three bunk beds.

This house was walking distance to a rocky beach. It was relaxing because it wasn’t crowded. Tahoe Lake is beautiful but cold, so I am glad that I brought wetsuits for my kids. We did three hikes that I recommend.

1. Eagle Lake Trail – This is one of the most beautiful hikes, about two miles. Half is downhill and half up hill, not too bad! On the way, you can see chipmunks and bluebirds. There are a lot of rocks and beaches that you can get to by crossing the stream. You can’t beat the feeling when you get there and see the island, bay, all the beautiful rocks and the mountains. Eagle Lake Trail is one of my favorite hikes.

2. Brockway Summit – This hike is great for exercising and had good views of the lake, one and a half miles each way. When you get to the top you can stand on rocks and see the panoramic view. The hike was hard for the kids going up, but once you get there you can take photos and relax a bit. Going down was super easy; no complaints! 3. Emerald Bay State Park – This is a nice hike, three miles. My kids enjoyed going downhill. On your way down, you can see a lot of different waterfalls, boats, and deep dark blue crystalline water. The camping sites are closed and it’s like a museum. We enjoyed the hike, and then we went to see a waterfall. Going back to the car was another story because it was a hill going up…of course, that is when the complaints started, but in general my kids did very good. I’m proud of them because I was tired too!

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