Learning English at McDonald’s by Veronica G.

7 Mar

When I came from Mexico, I was 19 and I had no English. I worked at my first job at McDonald’s in Walnut Creek. I started at the dishwasher. Usually, people in the back made sandwiches and talked in Spanish. After dishwashing, I was given a sandwich book that helped me to say words in English. I learned how to say lettuce by looking at a picture of it and saying the word. I used the pictures to learn how to say many words in English. After a few years, I was interested in how things were done, such as weights and measures and how to order supplies. I also learned how to put all of that in a computer. They train that to workers who are interested. I learned a lot about how a business works. You can see an opportunity to grow by asking questions, and my supervisor was helpful and encouraging. I worked there 15 years and it made a difference. 

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