Life by Emilia I.

21 Mar

Life is a vibrating energy on Earth, which we radiate in our own way. It breathes in us and builds us with thought, word, spirit. That’s how I met Kate in the library of Pleasant Hill. Finest, ethics, patience, love, she radiated. I watched her and spoke to her in my Bulgarian, Russian, English dialect. She smiled. At that moment, I wished I could learn proper English so that I could be worthy to talk to this dignified woman. I looked at her with affection and thanked God that He met me with her. I shone. Kate promised to get me a tutor.

It wasn’t long before our shared energy sent Sally to us. We met at the Walnut Creek Library. A woman with silver hair like me, walking quietly, approaching me with a steady step, always coming in time for her lectures with me. I am always in a hurry, late with excuses for disorganization or taking on too many tasks at the same time. 

I came to her with reverence, desire, pleasure. I told her everything. She listened to me patiently and found a moment to interrupt me delicately and deliver her planned lesson. She managed to balance me, and I felt that I lived in an oasis where people supported you. I saw that we were the same bodies, but we perceived the energy of life around us differently. She—calm, patient. I—     fast, scattered. I poured out my wishes for success.

Sally gave me my strongest spiritual experience in the state of California. Strength of kindness, warmth, cordiality, empathy. I compare her to the Eiffel Tower, climbing up, carrying its enthusiasm in a wonderful objective environment in which it develops. I was one of the last on the ladder in the tower, but I still went to follow her.

Your life is wonderful if you charge yourself with wonderful energy.

Thank you, Kate and Sally, for briefly living my most productive days with you in California.

You put in me warmth in the relationship, patience in communication, love in the deeds that I will continue.

To me you are Angels, earthly teachers in human form. Thank you.

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