A Story with Many Idioms by Judy H.

25 Apr

Mary and Tom announced their engagement to their families and their friends. The next day, Mary got jaw-dropping news: she had received a promotion to become the Vice President of her company. Everyone went bananas. Wow! Seems like this may be ground-breaking for Mary.

Mary was itching to start her new job. She said to herself, “Mary, let’s get the ball rolling!” She had always been tied up in her work, but it seemed to her that day by day her workload was getting to be over her head.

Tom wasn’t able to see her as much as previously. He once made her favorite dish to surprise her for her birthday. But she was delayed for three hours. When she got home, Tom was waiting for her.

It made Tom pull his hair out. For the first time, he started to consider their relationship. He didn’t want to put his anger and worries on the back burner. He realized that up until now he had done nothing about it. The relationship was as dead as a doornail.

“Can we have a talk?” he said after breakfast the next morning. “I used to have strong confidence in our relationship, but since you took the new job, I haven’t been sure which way the wind is blowing. I hate to be a wet blanket. Other people know only that you are a vice president and making tons of money, but I’m the one who sees what it is really like behind the scenes. I even heard through the grapevine that you are planning on becoming the next President, moving on the fast track. What I really care about is our future. We need to make some time to be together. I wish we could sit down to have dinner together or watch a movie sometime…”

To Mary, this seemed as if it came totally out of the blue. “Tom, you should know that I have had to learn everything from scratch. My job is not as easy as falling off a log.”

“It really beats me why you are so upset. I have no clue,” said Tom. “You are my fiancé. All I want to say is, I love you still, and will forever.”

A happy ending: Tom and Mary buried the hatchet and got back on their feet.

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