Every Vote Counts by ryae L.

11 Apr

I think voting is one of the best systems in democratic countries. Voting will decide who will have power to govern and the best way to guide for the country and each state and district. Before you vote, you should consider carefully and choose the right people and issues. They should have a clear vision for the country and be able to work together on many issues with different parties. Sometimes very important issues could fail by a small amount of voting counts.

There are still many countries that have a fake election. In my home country of South Korea, first election started 1963, after 1961 May coup, even though we have a thousand years of history. On other hand, the USA voting system started in 1789, only 230 years ago, by choosing George Washington as first president. I’m very lucky to live in the USA and have a right to vote. We know we should vote, but why voting decide by electoral vote over popular vote? It seems like we are losing our vote not counting everyone’s vote. Hopefully, it would change to the popular vote in the near future.

We can’t waste our vote. We must respect our voting system and show our ideas and opinions to the system by voting. If you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain about our government and issues. You can make difference by voting for the right people and issues. Every vote is very important and effects government and society. You can make the best government by voting. Vote! Vote! Vote!

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