Little House on the Prairie

5 Nov

by Stella K.

After reading Little House on the Prairie, I changed my mind to a more positive way.

“Believing in the importance of knowing where you began in order to appreciate how far you’ve come.” Writer Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about her childhood on the prairie. It was life on the open land. It was difficult, dangerous, but the family overcame it with love and trust.

While I was reading this story, one man came to my mind. The man who is the strongest in my world but weak at cancer. He was my father. I had been more afraid of starting a new life in America than having a hope and a dream, which Pa has in the book, which my father taught me.

When I finished this book, I realized that they were never hopeless and gave up. What do I have to do? I must think about their pioneering spirit when I forgot where I was.

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