23 Dec

by Velia R.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. We celebrate in December 24th. We decorated the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. I like put a lot of flashing lights ornaments.

I every year bought gifts for all my family. My grandchildren’s gifts I wrap in different colors. My grandchildren asked my how many gifts they have. I explain to them each one has a different color of Christmas paper. They asked me what is my color. I explained to them. They felt very happy and everyone counted and they said we have the same.

They wanted to open the gifts earlier, but I say no. Supposed to open at 12 of the night. I explain to the children they have to wait until after God is born. I put all their gifts under the Christmas tree.

The traditional food is pozole and tamales. I started to cook in the morning. I wanted to finish cooking before my children came to the house. My daughters-in-law bring gifts for the family and also they bring desserts and drinks and potato chips.

We have this tradition for many years. We have celebrated Christmas for many years together.

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