Sports Changed Me   

17 Dec

by Selina G.

A good friend invited me to attend a community running event years ago. I did not like doing exercise, especially running. Somehow or other I went to run at the end.

I remember that it was about 5 kilometers running on a beautiful day from Tung Chung to the airport. It was a very long distance for me. I tried my best to catch up with my friend but I failed. She disappeared in front of my sight at the very beginning. Many times I wanted to quit running because I thought I could not make it. When I found out some elderly people joined the running together and looked like they were enjoying it. I made up my mind that I needed to keep going.

It took me more than one hour to reach the destination. I was excited and even felt exhausted. After a few days my muscle aches.

Right now, I like doing exercise and even running. I think that event changed me. I enjoy the soreness after exercise. I feel relaxed after sweating. Sports makes me strong and powerful. I like it.

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